Thursday, June 30, 2011

Choosing the right Wine

If you've spend the day trying out new recipes, then a glass of wine is the perfect accompaniment to a huge range of dishes. It's also a good to be able to offer your guests wine to drink if you are hosting a meal - the hard part can be deciding which wine you should choose.
Some types of wine are better suited to particular foods than others, and there are a few basic rules to make sure you never go too far wrong. However, choosing wines that are guaranteed to taste delicious can prove a little trickier.
Fortunately, many high street retailers will now recommend particular bottles - usually those that have had positive reviews from wine critics. This is a simple way to pick a wine that will perfectly compliment your latest culinary creation. However, if the choice is still too difficult, then you could always consider joining a scheme such as the M&S Wine Club. You will already find a diverse selection of , but you benefit from expertly chosen bottles being delivered direct to your doorstep on a quarterly basis by joining the Wine Club. There are three different plans available (Old World Classics, New World Discoveries and the Contemporary Plan), so you can tailor your selection to meet your own individual tastes and preferences.
If the urge to whip up tasty treats in the kitchen is often a rather impromptu affair, then it can be a good idea to keep a stock of top-quality wines to accompany any given dish. By having a selection of whites, reds and rose wines regularly delivered to your home, you'll never find yourself scouring the shelves of your local off-licence, hoping to find something pleasant to be enjoyed by you or your guests.
Choosing a great wine is a skill you can pick up over time, even if you have relatively little experience. Read the bottle labels to find out if you prefer wine from a particular region, and pay attention to whether you're drinking something that's dry, sweet, fruity or full-bodied. This way you are more likely to develop an understanding of what a wine will taste like before you try it, as well as a useful knowledge of your own personal preferences.


Simones Kitchen said...

It is fairly difficult to find a good wine for a particular meal. I love wine but am not a real wine person, so I know too little about it. Maybe it's time to change that!

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