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Heya! I am Arthi..I live, Eat and Blog from UK. I was born and raised (a vegetarian) in India and have been very lucky to have travelled quite a lot. I stepped into my mum’s kitchen when I was 10 and since then…no looking back. What started as a way of relaxing is now my passion and obsession. Cooking and baking have become a very integral part of me. Even when I had a full time demanding job I used to get back home and bake at 11 in the night (and I know people did call me crazy) and my colleagues were rewarded the next day with the goodies. On one such appraisal meeting with my boss, pleased with my (office) work promoted me and when I handed her a box of home-made chocolates,  just said “I don’t know what you are doing here..You should have a place of your own selling these”. 

SoulCurry aims to provide recipes tried and tested several times in my kitchen, things I am passionate about written honestly, some success stories of the challenges that I take on along with stories about my flop-kitchen (recipes for disaster). I am not professionally trained in cooking/baking and can’t remember anyone in my family tree (except my grandma) who like cooking or baking. It must have rubbed-off my grandma’s genes (although don’t remember spending time with her in the kitchen).
In no particular order I love dark chocolate, good coffee, mascarpone, vanilla sugar, my iphone, Chinese, Italian, Mexican food, Simpsons, baking cupcakes, beautiful gift wrapper papers, peonies, roses, candles, gardening, hubby's boxers and muscle tee’s, photography….list goes on…
I would love to hear from through comments, feedback or any other form of communication ...and that will keep me motivated! You could reach me here or email me at blogarthi@gmail.com or catch me @ twitter.
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