I Like!!

A two piece, heart shaped cookie cutter from BOBbypost to share with a loved one. How perfect! At £10.50, they are perfect romantic gifts...
You can now make your own perfect mini chocolate bars using this fabulous chocolate mould from BOBbypost (£9.95) or Amazon (£7.99). 
Something a bit quirky to have by your telephone at home or in the office. This reusable memo postcard (£12.95) from BOBbypost is made from ceramic and comes with a dry-wipe marker pen.
Choclitaire Dish from BOBbypost (£29.00)...A perfect gift item...
Heart Shaped Chopping Board (£14.95) from BOBbypostMade from Acacia wood with a leather tie so you can hang it up for all to admire when you are not using it.
Cross Stitch Heart Mug hand-made in Sweden...from BOBbypost (£14.95)
I absolutely love this Porcelain milk jug from blaze that looks like a milk carton... Pricey at £45 but gorgeous....
Another gorgeous piece from blaze porcelain cup with sky blue glaze, lace texture and flower transfer decoration (£26) and large ones (£32).
Measuring spoons from Anthropologie (£7.95)
Store a dozen fresh eggs in an eye-catching - and reusable - stoneware crate from Anthropologie (£12.00)
Beautiful gift articles from Plumo

Gorgeous plain tableware, hand carved from light lemonwood.

Quirky lamps+shades from Tobiasandtheangel
Vintage Style Bottle Tray from LoveYorHomeForLess 
Divine Dark Chocolate with Raspberries
My new addiction..this gorgeous 70% dark chocolate with the fruity tartness of freeze-dried raspberries...Affordable treat at just £1.79.
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