Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Cream Cheese Swirl Brownies for my Blog

Its been a while since I blogged about food..I mean, I have not managed to make something blog specific, although, in between, I have managed to bake more than a dozen cakes. Of course I was busy! With FBC & then I met my old friend and weekends have never been the same. More celebrations..More Cakes but no time for a blog baking! With summer officially over, there is no better way to welcome autumn & the chilly nights than a big chunk of ooey goeey fudgy brownie warm with or without a scoop of ice-cream. Now is the time to get cozy and all cuddly finding comfort & warmth in steaming bowls of soup and favorite puds. (I for some reason find cold seasons particularly romantic).
{PS: 'S' has gone all soft & gooey like these brownies...he bought me this really gorgeous charm }.

I made these from Eric Lanlard's recipe and I do sometimes mix a bit of green-tea or raspberry powder to the cream cheese mixture along with some ricotta, for a different flavor high. Sometimes I just bake them plain and toss some fresh raspberries & white chocolate into the batter. This time I just left them plain.(As you can see not the best swirl pattern). You could slightly underbake it if you like oozy gooey & bake it a little longer if you want fudgy brownies.
Cream Cheese Brownies
For more RECIPE IDEAS visit BakingMad
For the Brownie

150g Unsalted Butter
200g Dark Chocolate, chopped
100ml Strong Coffee
250g Sugar
1tsp Vanilla extract
Pinch Salt
3 Eggs
100g Plain Flour
For the Cream Cheese Swirl
100g Cream Cheese
50g Ricotta
60g Sugar
1 Beaten Egg
1tsp Vanilla Extract
Preheat oven to 180C. Grease a 20cm square tin with butter and line with baking paper.
Melt the butter and chocolate in large heatproof bowl over a pan of simmering water. Remove from heat once melted and leave to cool. Stir the sugar, vanilla and salt into the butter and chocolate mixture, then whisk in the eggs and beat until smooth. Stir in the coffee, then sift in the flour and beat until glossy. Set aside.
For the cream cheese swirl, in a bowl beat the cream cheese & ricotta until smooth and then stir in the sugar, egg and vanilla. Spoon the brownie mixture into the lined tin, then top with the marble topping mixture, using a skewer swirl & create a marbled effect. Be careful not to over mix or you will lose the effect. Bake in a preheated oven for 30 mins – you may have to cover the tin with foil for the last 10 minutes of cooking to prevent the top from over browning.
Remove from the oven, allow to cool in the tin. Refrigerate the brownies for a few hours in fridge or freezer if you want clean lines when cutting the brownies.


Anonymous said...

Oh yum!! Apparently great minds think alike - when the weather turns chilly... in brownies we trust!! :)

Debugcooking said...

Tnnx for the info jeanne Off to buy the peanut butter chips..

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