Wednesday, September 07, 2011

FBC Part 2

The Video recipe challenge with the gorgeous Anjum Anand & 2 lucky winners soon began. She demonstrated how to make her  courgette carpaccio served with a lovely chickpea salsa which she prepared using Cuisinart’s Hand Blender and Griddle and Grill & the also creamy summery Indian dessert Shrikhand. We enjoyed all the craze surrounding her station but Anjum had to rush back home, as it was a festive  day (RakshaBandhan) back home for her.
Next day I loved Jaden's (Build a Career in Food Blogging; Diversify, Brand & Monetize) session & the lovely Caroline MiLi Artiss made Black Olive Tapenade while we enjoyed brunch. Do check out the foodies enjoying their food pics!
  Simone from JungleFrog @PhotoWorkshop
Food Photography and Styling Workshop with Beatrice Peltre of Tartine Gourmande

Gorgeous Anjum Anand showing us to make courgette carpaccio served with a chickpea salsa

Courgette Carpaccio served with a Chickpea Salsa
FoodBloggers do Eat & Enjoy their food - Proof:1
FoodBloggers do Eat & Enjoy their food - Proof:2
FoodBloggers do Eat & Enjoy their food - Proof:3
FoodBloggers do Eat & Enjoy their food - Proof:4
Black Olive Tapenade in the making.
Caroline MiLi Artiss makes Tapenade with an Asian Twist.


Juls said...

oohh! lovely memories!! wish I could turn back time for a while!

Valerie of Love through the stomach... said...

Oh, I love all the pictures! And I agree with Juls, we need to go back and hang out again, all of us!

Debugcooking said...

We should maybe some nice Tuscany?

Simones Kitchen said...

O that was a bit scary to see such a big photo of myself at the start of the Love the photos Arthi!

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